Volcanic Tongue Catalogue


Breakdance The Dawn BDTD-146


Great set of electric ritual/blurry drone rock from the Australian trio of Matt Earle (Breakdance/xNoBBQx/Craft Bandits et al), Rory Brown and Adam Sussmann (2779/Emotional About The Rainbow et al): Matt describes this one as sounding “like Miles Davis wit da Skaters in the blue mountains” and that’s pretty spot on, with the kind of expiring brass that illuminated Heathen Earth situated in the kind of drone torrents more commonly associated with the Invasion Of Thunderbolt Pagoda. The ululating percussion is particularly hypnotic as is the smoky production style, with a John Godbert-era Vibracathedral Orchestra feel given that classic edge-of-the-world Breakdance production style. 


Breakdance The Dawn BDTD-194


“Cool sidestep militant boogie jams” the label sez, and they ain’t wrong: Rasheed play what sounds like The Velvet Underground’s “Guess I’m Fallin’ In Love” as stomping monochord boogie, dredging Hooker N Heat style scorch for maximum power chord friction and positing the eternal riff as the keys to the goddamn kingdom. Think the whole Numbers Band/Sweet Kelley/Jessie Mae Hemphill continuum re-thunk w/post-BDTD aesthetics and set the controls for the heart of the jam.

Club Sound Witches
Revolutionary Spray

LF Records No Cat


Wild new jams from the primitive ‘techno’ outfit featuring Matt Earle (Breakdance/Craft Bandits/xNoBBQx et al) and Nicola Morton (Wardenburger): minimalist throbbing electro-threat in the tradition of Vanity Records, Two Daughters, John Fothergill’s United Dairies off-shoot etc with automatic/modulated female vocals over druggy keyboard feedback and waves of lapping electricity: “our synth and drum machines were under water for three days in the Brisbane floods, they were given to us to prevent us from self harming. It gave them a unique sound. Wet, dirty and about to set the building on fire.” – Matt Earle. Minimal beats, almost translucent angel vox, think Henry & Hazel Slaughter erasing Aphex Twin’s Ambient Works with homemade electronics and a mouthful of magnets. Fantastic. 


Wormwood Grasshopper Records WG-07


Private press LP in an edition of only 150 copies from Matt Earle of Breakdance The Dawn/Craft Bandits/xNoBBQx etc....with classy paste-on handmade sleeves. As with a lot of Matt’s work, it’s difficult to work out what he is actually doing here, though there are spurts of deformed F/X, alternately scratchy/ululating eternal drones, factory sounds ala Joe Jones, deformed, endlessly echoed vocals that sound like they’re being recorded from the bottom of a well... the second side is more recognisably based around amp destruction and guitar abuse with waves of crude feedback interrupted by massive dooms of guitar wrangling ala The Dead C at their most extended (think the coda from “Outside”). No one makes rock music that is quite as unrecognisably fucked up and satisfyingly alien as Matt Earle and this is another righteous fist up the wazoo of musical conservatives everywhere. Very highly recommended.