Volcanic Tongue Catalogue

Kylie Minoise/Nackt Insecten
Beyond The Stellar Filth

Harbinger Sound 058


Limited edition of 100 copies split LP only ‘officially’ available direct from the label and the artists themselves. This one presents some earlier material from both groups, recorded live at the 13th Note in Glasgow in November 2006 and features Minoise in classic actionist-assault mode and Insecten in his early punk-primitive one cymbal, one microphone and a ticket to oblivion phase.

Mid Leopard Violet Prism

Total Vermin #19


 New collaborative project from Stuart Arnot (Ghost Of An Octopus/Smear Campaign et al) and Ruaradidh Sanachan of Nackt Insecten. Arnot is on acoustic guitar, Sanachan on electronics and voice. The electronics and vocals sound like shortwave static invaded by alien tongues while the treated acoustic guitar comes on like some kind of outer space gamelan as visioned by Sonny Blount, sounding percussive twonks and smears while Sanachan tone-dials the galaxy. Edition of 50 copies.