Volcanic Tongue Catalogue

Chie Mukai
Solo Improvisations



Re-mastered reissue of Chie Mukai's second solo album, originally released in 2000 in an edition of 300 copies that immediately sold out on issue. This new edition comes in a gorgeous silkscreened gatefold sleeve with obi strip. Three tracks recorded live at Kid Ailack Art Hall in Tokyo with vocals, er-hu, kengali, rings and cymbals. The music is slow, spacious folk-trance with the knotty droning sonorities of the er-hu sounding like the folk music of a phantom planet. A very melancholy set that feels like a more tactile, primitive take on the endless tides of Takehisa Kosugi's legendary Catch Wave.

Chie Mukai & Che Chen

Black Pollen Press No Cat



Beautifully assembled private press LP in an edition of only 166 hand-numbered copies: this is a dream-team summit between Chie Mukai of acid folk legends Che-SHIZU, East Bionic Symphonia et al and contemporary violin/guitar/electronics minimalist Che Chen. Sort of a Japanese underground companion volume to Chen’s ferocious set with Tetuzi Akiyama, 2.3.11 was recorded live in Tokyo and sees Mukai on er-hu, vocals, percussion, piano and dance and Chen on violin, voice, percussion and sine wave generators. The combination of strings is simply dazzling, working twonky folk laments from scrabbly lightning quick improvisations and cutting singing slow motion swathes of overtone drone through ecstatic vocal freedoms. The blizzard of strings gives way to a more ‘chamber’ piece of soft piano and repeat single string ascensions that combines a classical grace with an almost NNCK feel for abstruse strategies while the side-long third section comes over like Patty Waters’ dream date with Ornette Coleman at The Town Hall, with the players slashing strings and clashing vocals in complete communion. With letter-pressed and die-cut art by Michele Colomer. Highly recommended!