Volcanic Tongue Catalogue


Second Layer Records SLR-004


New studio album from the Ramleh duo of Gary Mundy and Anthony Di Franco, this time out in their power electronics mode. More hi-fi and deliberately nuanced than their early Xeroxed style, Mundy’s delivery is at its most hysterical while the noise is almost technicolour in comparison. Also some great sludge bass noise/rock stylings courtesy of Di Franco. Full colour gatefold sleeve with insert.


Harbinger Sound 095


Edition of 200 copies with ink-stamped sleeves that reissues the rarest release on the Broken Flag label. Violence was released as a cassette in 1982. It’s a solo recording by Gary Mundy that predates the beginnings of Ramleh, Mundy’s solo Kleistwahr recordings etc. Using the same equipment as on the early Ramleh recordings, Violence is a claustrophobic slice of grainy electronic excess with a murk of psychedelic electronics and tortured vocals in the style of the early BR power electronics sides. Mastered direct from cassette for maximum skin burn.

La Bas: 1987-1992

Fourth Dimension Records FD2LP87


New vinyl collection of stray tracks and unreleased jams from this great UK underground group with a side that restores the full session featuring Matthew Bower (Skullflower at al) on guitar that was recorded at JTI on 29/1/90, two nights before Skullflower recorded the Xaman album at the same studio: JfK was the brainchild of Anthony Di Franco of Ramleh, Skullflower, Ax et al and they played a bizarre mutant form of thug-psych that took drum machines and monstrous acid bass and devoured them with shots of pure electricity. Think The Cramps, Chrome and The Buttholes given a furious post-Broken Flag dressing down. La Bas gathers a buncha choice shots into the void, including their great Temple Of Set/Sexodus 7” that came out on Fourth Dimension in 1992 alongside eight otherwise unavailable recordings and the tracks with Bower on guitar – including a previously unreleased alternate take of “Sexodus 90” – see him at his most iconoclastically testifying. Also comes with two more bonus tracks unique to the vinyl. A key piece of the puzzle from the depths of the UK underground. Recommended!