Volcanic Tongue Catalogue

Dead White
Holy Deprivation

Arbor 09


Great new set of savage guitar blunder from this floating Skaters associate, Andy Brack aka San Diego's Dead White. Primitively executed lead guitar damage that blasts through a mire of tectonic analog judder with a wall of amps style that is somewhere between The Dead C and Fushitsusha if they hadda cut a live to walkman tape for Xpressway back in the day before descending to some medieval dungeon lurk with occasional lone shots of phased electricity, Industrial bulldozing and macabre vocal injections ala Ferraro/Clark. Comes in a six colour fold-out poster sleeve silkscreened by Jelle Crama in an edition of 130 copies.

Various Artists
Lal Lal Lal

Lal Lal Lal #35


Edition of 200 copies compilation that bundles tracks from all of the artists that played the Lal Lal Lal festival in Helsinki in May 2007. Features exclusive tracks (with the exception of the Kukkiva Poliisi and Mary Fist tracks) from Kukkiva Poliisi, Reijo Pami, The Ray Pacino Ensemble, Mary Fist, Nuslux, Snake of Life, Master Qsh, The Skaters, Kemialliset Ystavat, Maniacs Dream, Keijo, Kheta Hotem and Arttu Partinen & His Partiers.

Grass Magic

Earjerk No Cat


One-off super-group jam featuring Spencer Clark and James Ferraro of The Skaters alongside The Davenport Family and Glenn Donaldson of Jewelled Antler recorded live in a barn the night before the infamous Pasture Fest in August of 2004. Dilated vocal drones, heavy percussive ritual and a whole bunch of slowly-interfacing brain beams. Each copy is unique, packaged in found LP jackets turned inside out and silkscreened with artwork and text. Originally released as a cassette, this limited vinyl version features a B-side of unreleased jams from the same zone.

Greatest Hits
Danse Pop

Olde English Spelling Bee OESB-702


“Debut 4-song 7" by Brooklyn via L.A. mystery popsters with connections to Raw Thrills, Insted, Outer Limits Recordings, James Ferraro, & Luke Perry.... features Basement Jaxx/Michael Jackson/Sparks pop aspirations filtered through a Haunted Graffiti homemade aesthetic...” – OESB.