Volcanic Tongue Catalogue

Dead White
Holy Deprivation

Arbor 09


Great new set of savage guitar blunder from this floating Skaters associate, Andy Brack aka San Diego's Dead White. Primitively executed lead guitar damage that blasts through a mire of tectonic analog judder with a wall of amps style that is somewhere between The Dead C and Fushitsusha if they hadda cut a live to walkman tape for Xpressway back in the day before descending to some medieval dungeon lurk with occasional lone shots of phased electricity, Industrial bulldozing and macabre vocal injections ala Ferraro/Clark. Comes in a six colour fold-out poster sleeve silkscreened by Jelle Crama in an edition of 130 copies.

Way Of The Cross
Mind Of The Dolphin

Phoenix 02


Massive limited edition LP on NNCK’s imprint documenting a series of recordings from this ambitious American/European big band that unites Dave Nuss of The No-Neck Blues Band with Spencer Clark and James Ferraro of The Skaters alongside Jan Anderzen of Kemialliset Ystavat, Jonna from Kuupuu, Stellar Om Source, Mik Quantius from Embryo and Tiitus Petajaniemi and Jari Koho of Uton/Keijo. The whole entourage toured through Europe in the spring of 2007 and this LP collects the best of the jams. Three long tracks and one fragment, including two pieces recorded at VPRO Radio. The sound takes off from the kind of free goof blueprint of The Godz, with a lots of percussion and odd rhythmic dunting while The Skaters work lush keyboard parts and a wall of ululating vocal drone deep into the backdrop. Quantius supplies vocals that are somewhere between Don Van Vliet and Alan Bishop and the whole thing proceeds into this kind of weird ethno-zone where fragmented world rhythms and sounds are twisted to dark, psychotropic ends. But the real gravy is the side long fourth track, the most convincing update of the monochord bass/drum confusion of Skip Spence’s “Grey/Afro” ever improvised in real time, combining sublime vocal highs with a hypnotic bottom end. Highly recommended.

James Ferraro
On Air

Underwater Peoples Records No Cat


Deluxe vinyl edition of what was originally a self-released CD-R from James Ferraro complete with reworked and re-recorded material and specially commissioned airbrush artwork. On Air feels like a luminous update of Ferraro’s early Lamborghini Crystal sides, with the atmosphere of a shortwave broadcast from a parallel universe where arpeggiated synths function as transports to a future that feels like a lonely technicolour version of the past. Deep space morse code patterns orbit bursts of triumphal garage band guitar, simple euphoric melodies that feel like the soundtrack to your adolescence are re-imagined as a series of psychedelic instants, smears of DJ voiceovers are beamed straight from Venus... On Air is the perfect trip into Ferraro’s Multitopia. Also features an insane cover version of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” which sits nicely alongside Mama Baer and Kommissar Hjuler’s version.  Titles include ‘Pleiadian Channel Surfer #1’, ‘Remote Control Under The Couch’ and ‘Heaven’s Bathroom’. Recommended. 

Egyptian Sports Network
Interstitial Luxor

Pacific City Sound Visions/New Images #20/#19



Brand new private press LP from the duo of Spencer Clark (Monopoly Child/Skaters/Black Joker et al) and Matt Mondanile (Ducktails et al) with a guest appearance from Mark McGuire (Emeralds): this is a stunning record and a high point in both players’ catalogues, approaching the kind of ecstasy sound that would marry the sensual body-gnosis and memory vague stylings of Dan Lopatin’s echo jams with the kind of celestial tone-world poetry of the Sun Ra Arkestra at its most plugged in and wiggy. The jams are massively infectious, with Spencer’s hallucinatory tropicalia phasing into the kind of motorik highs that would reconcile “I Feel Love” with Faust’s “Krautrock” while Mondanile sighs over the top in synthesized vocoder bliss. Indeed, ESN feel like a technicolour riposte to late-period Throbbing Gristle, with a wild DIY/Industrial style morphing into trance inducing tropicalia and boombox rhythms while losing none of their interrogative hands-on appeal. Still, the mood is celebratory and high energy throughout, with irresistible rhythms piloted by aching/lucid keyboard melodies that are as nostalgic for the future as they are for all the past that’s yet to come. Indeed, it feels like the triumphal resolution to definitive sides like the Skaters LP on the California box set or like a great yea-saying coda to Ferraro’s Marble Surf, a form of ascendant celebratory trance that borrows sci-fi and magickal imagery with a sound that truly travels the spaceways. Plays at 45rpm for maximum body feel. This is the weirdo feel-good record of the year, very highly recommended!

Greatest Hits
Danse Pop

Olde English Spelling Bee OESB-702


“Debut 4-song 7" by Brooklyn via L.A. mystery popsters with connections to Raw Thrills, Insted, Outer Limits Recordings, James Ferraro, & Luke Perry.... features Basement Jaxx/Michael Jackson/Sparks pop aspirations filtered through a Haunted Graffiti homemade aesthetic...” – OESB.