Volcanic Tongue Catalogue

Takehisa Kosugi
Violin Solo 1980 NYC

P-Vine PCD-5765


Japanese reissue of this hard-to-find set of solo violin conceptions recorded live in New York by Fluxus operative, Taj Mahal Travellers/Group Ongaku frontman and renowned minimalist Takehisa Kosugi. This one threads a dart through your heart with all of the continuous invention of Tony Conrad’s most psychoactive conceptions. Recommended.

Motoharu Yoshizawa/Takehisa Kosugi/Haruna Miyake
Angels Have Passed



Heavyweight violin/piano/bass improvised trance from some of the hardest-thinking subterranean Japanese avantists. The way that Yoshizawa's unwieldy bass constructs are cocooned in scores of light by Takehisa Kosugi's (ex-Taj Mahal Travellers) violin and then exploded by Miyake's piano is fairly dazzling.