Volcanic Tongue Catalogue


Rayon Records 005


New limited to 50 copies DVD from this aggressively angular free improv/No Wave unit featuring drummer Pascal Nichols.

Simon Rose and Pascal Nichols
Sombrero Galaxy

Bug Incision BIM-49


Epic series of free jazz improvisations from the horse-killing UK underground duo of saxophonist Simon Rose and drummer Pascal Nichols (Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides) in an edition of 75 copies: Rose is perhaps best known for his trio playing alongside Steve Noble and Simon Fell as part of Badlands but his playing here seems to have more in common with the Wildman style associated with Peter Brotzmann’s FMP circle than anything coming out of UK improv. He has a fast, throaty style that means he can smear fragments into knotty drones that almost sound like arco bow work just as easily as testifying in a sing-song post-Frank Wright style. Which is all just so much gravy for drummer Pascal Nichols, still the most interesting ‘young’ drummer on the UK scene. He responds with rolling, pugilistic rhythms that are the closest he has come to paralleling Chris Corsano’s explosive style while cutting it with the kinda lunar tonal activity that regularly take Part Wild Horses to the moon. Their last duo set was a blast and this one might be even better, so make your move. 

Live 3: At Stonehenge

No Label No Cat


CD-R edition of what was originally a cassette release from this unstoppable Danish free jazz orchestra, here recorded live with an expanded line-up in Copenhagen in December 2009. Everyone plays recorders and percussion as well as their primary instrument, be it saxophone, ney flute, electric guitar, electronics, vocals, clarinet, violin, double bass and drums and the results are mind-blowing, moving from Art Ensemble-styled communal freak into heavenly post-Coltrane ascensions through the tone world. Can’t think of anyone outside of the much-missed Rauhan Orkesteri/Paivansade circle with such a devastating grasp of folk-primitive form and higher minded avant bliss. 

Outer Nothingness

Golem Tapes G-14


Extended remixed/re-mastered edition of what was originally a very limited 3” release featuring an hour of dense, melancholy tape loop experiments from a project with connections to Shiggajon. The atmosphere approximates William Basinski’s masterpiece Disintegration Loops but with a frosty end of the world aspect and the sound of distant alien carousels repeat-spinning in space. Beautifully alien night-time tone poetry with a profoundly lonely aspect.