Volcanic Tongue Catalogue

Hamish Kilgour
All Of It And Nothing

Ba Da Bing Records BING-102


Hard to believe that the world has never been graced with a solo album by Hamish Kilgour of New Zealand underground legends The Clean/The Mad Scene before but here it is: All Of It And Nothing is a very intimate, hushed acid-folk masterpiece, almost in the lineage of a Joshua Burkett, with a series of sparse, low-key songs and settings that combine washes of technicolour motorik ala early Clean with the kind of internally implosive gravity of a Skip Spence’s Oar. Indeed, there’s an uncanny 60s west coast comedown feel, almost as if it’s a solo bedroom studio take on The Notorious Byrd Brothers as re-interpreted by a Bob Desper or even a Bill Comeau. Less ‘pop’ and more dark and delicate than David Kilgour’s classic Here Come The Cars, this is one of the most enigmatic and unexpected pitches into the void ever to come out of the Clean mothership. Recommended. 

The Bats
Demo 5:26:84

Mind Cure Records MC-104

12" EP

Not the NZ/Flying Nun group, this is another great 80s weirdo demo upgrade from Mind Cure, this time from a Pittsburgh group in the mid-80s with a classic rock/roll into hardcore appeal, great songs and almost Boston Real Kids/Classic Ruins appeal. This is particularly great, loving this label right now