Volcanic Tongue Catalogue

Gary War/Purple Pilgrims

Upset The Rhythm UTR-062


Inspired split from these contemporary psych heads cut to heavy 180g vinyl: Gary War play songs that develop in blooms of submerged, hallucinated melody, all cut with Spacemen 3 style fuzz, 70s/80s synth exotica, drugged lounge, primitive rhythms and the kinda amorphous structures that could almost have been directly lifted from "Transparent Radiation" or "Pink Stainless Tail". On the flip Purple Pilgrims, two NZ/now Hong Kong based sisters named Clementine and Valentine Nixon, combine distant, barely audible female vocals over heavenly smears of super-degraded guitar amp hiss and the feel off muzzy choral music with undersea fidelity and an inchoate devotional aspect that is spectacularly affecting and that mainlines classic NZ ghost tones while Gary War’s production brings out new vectors of hazy rainbow pop. Recommended.