Volcanic Tongue Catalogue

Aaron Dilloway
The Beauty Bath

Rockatansky Records RR-011


Edition of only 250 copies solo album from Aaron Dilloway of Wolf Eyes et al, every copy comes with an original flier from the recent Dilloway/Hanson 20th anniversary ‘Archive’ exhibition that took place in Japan: this is an amazing LP, with low-level battlefield tectonics and the sound of smeared and tortured magnetic tape coming over like a rusty, Industrial scale take on classic 20th century minimalism. Some of Dilloway’s most barbarously vacated drone work here, with intense low-level fireworks reduced to inchoate shadow plays and rolling, planetary scale hypnotics. Then there are moments of glissing, echoing metal tones coming out of silence, suddenly morphing into sad feedback chorales ala Eliane Radigue’s early workings but with a crude, lonely aspect that is extremely affecting. One of Dilloway’s most personally expressive tone works with intensely sad feedback drones circling wraiths of clanking magnetic tape. Recommended.