Fag Tapes FT-051

C60 Cassette

Debut full-length on Fag Tapes from this Offensive Orange offshoot that combine cut-up live recordings of variously tortured/claustrophobic landscapes sent into orbit via tannoy vocals, electronic drilling, coronas of analog treatment, drums, balloon tones and long static-silenced dooms. Sorta like applying the Omit style of doctored field recordings as revenant psychological space to a bunch of LAFMS/TNB worshipping derelicts with Dictaphones and a bunch of sticky fingers. One of the weirdest environments to make it onto Fag Tapes to date. Edition of 50 copies. Recommended.

Pale Heat Of Summer

Heavy Blossom No Cat


Out of print 2007 limited self-released album from GHQ that spans a bunch of different line-ups, from deeply focussed psychedelic space navigated by the duo of Marcia Bassett (Hototogisu/Zaimph et al) on guitar and Steve Gunn on viola through almost Japanese sounding trio blow-outs with Basset and Gunn joined by John Truscinski (XO4/Slaughterhouse Percussion et al) on drums and electric guitar. Their most overtly psychedelic outing in a while, just beautiful, endlessly deep voids of slow-motion electricity and lucid Americana. Tracks recorded live in Montague and Brooklyn. Packaged in black hard card sleeves with screened gold artwork.

Spykes/MSBR/Government Alpha
Tano Forever

American Tapes AM-525

one-sided LP

Tribute to the late Koji Tano of Japanese noise monsters MSBR: an insane mash-up between John Olson of Wolf Eyes’ solo project, MSBR and Japanese psych/power unit Government Alpha. Builds from flashing UFO tones and pyramids of circuit shred to a bucket of flashing reeds and heavy sloth-jams that sound like black nightmare-era Hawkwind running Orange amps via nothing but juiced-up ley-lines and primitive third-eye energy. Wild, heavy, pro-rock lurch immaculately man-handled. Koji RIP. Hand-numbered edition of 200 copies in sprayed/doodled salvaged sleeves with stuck-on B-side art.