Flaherty Corsano Duo
Last Eyes

Records R-7


Ferocious new saxophone/drums duo exchange from two liberated post jazz/hardcore thinkers who put so much flesh into their conceptions you can almost taste the meat. Three tracks, including a sidelong paean to a cute Chicago cat – “I Love Jimmy” – and some totally psycho photo booth strips on the back. So plug the fuck in. Great to have these guys on vinyl. Recorded live at WMBR, Cambridge MA in 2004. Highest recommendation.

Uncle Jim
Uncle Jim’s Superstars Of Greenwich Meantime

Black Velvet Fuckere


Released in an edition of 500 with wraparound dollar bill artwork and already completely sold-out. Some fantastically venomous and acerbic rants/raps in the style of SCG’s eye-gouging “X+Y= Fuck You” supported by snake-charming rhythms, navigations of malevolent singing steel and some beautiful modal transports from Rick Bishop. “Rawer than Rudy Ray Moore, shrewder than Lenny Bruce, more spoken tongue wizard insanity than Lord Buckley and more deranged than Charles Baudelaire; this is Alan Bishop’s own personal anthology of BLACK HUMOUR,” – Kris Abplanalp. Highly recommended.

No Cat

Heavy Other/Wholly Blossom /


Long OOP full-length CD-R, the follow-up to their fantastically damaged LP on Eclipse: No Cat features the duo of Tom Carter (Charalambides) and Marcia Bassett (Double Leopards/Hototogisu/GHQ/Zaimph et al) across three dilated tracks recorded and released to tie-in with their US west coast tour. Carter guides slow trumpets of E-bow from the cup of his pick-ups while Bassett guides an ever-haemorrhaging railroad of F/X into huge dissolves of sound. Less about notes and more about spectral wow than their Eclipse LP, this one builds into a blitz of lung action, with the last track touching on epic Hototogisu-scale silver metal. Limited edition of only 200 copies, all with individually lino-printed sleeves, co-released by Wholly Other and Heavy Blossom.