Fag Tapes FT-051

C60 Cassette

Debut full-length on Fag Tapes from this Offensive Orange offshoot that combine cut-up live recordings of variously tortured/claustrophobic landscapes sent into orbit via tannoy vocals, electronic drilling, coronas of analog treatment, drums, balloon tones and long static-silenced dooms. Sorta like applying the Omit style of doctored field recordings as revenant psychological space to a bunch of LAFMS/TNB worshipping derelicts with Dictaphones and a bunch of sticky fingers. One of the weirdest environments to make it onto Fag Tapes to date. Edition of 50 copies. Recommended.

Spykes/MSBR/Government Alpha
Tano Forever

American Tapes AM-525

one-sided LP

Tribute to the late Koji Tano of Japanese noise monsters MSBR: an insane mash-up between John Olson of Wolf Eyes’ solo project, MSBR and Japanese psych/power unit Government Alpha. Builds from flashing UFO tones and pyramids of circuit shred to a bucket of flashing reeds and heavy sloth-jams that sound like black nightmare-era Hawkwind running Orange amps via nothing but juiced-up ley-lines and primitive third-eye energy. Wild, heavy, pro-rock lurch immaculately man-handled. Koji RIP. Hand-numbered edition of 200 copies in sprayed/doodled salvaged sleeves with stuck-on B-side art.