Big Blood
Unlikely Mothers
Blackest Rainbow Recordings BRR-271

Stunning/sprawling new double LP from the heart of the New Weird Maine: Big Blood have connections to major VT faves Village Of Spaces and they have a similar circular, occult vibe, with ovum’s influence resulting in amazing minimal endless jams led by bass guitar that moves between Velvets-style two note hypnosis and almost King Crimson Red-era fuzz/dunt, lunar six string and the striking, otherworldly vocals of Colleen Kinsella.
Kinsella’s vocals are dizzying, narcotic, getting into all sorts of liminal Meredith Monk/Key style experimental zones before melting into dream-date Kate Bush fronts Parson Sound nirvana. Indeed, think of a Scandinavian drone group filtered via the Paisely Underground stylings of a David Roback and Kendra Smith for the kind of magickal rural glam that this amazing trio are capable of channelling. Aspects of the Heather Leigh/Scorces cultus are given repeating nod-out rock logic re-thinks, as voice and guitar blur into each other and strikingly original song-writing and phrasing get all the way out on waves of repeating Kraut/trance bliss. Unlikely Mothers is a massive double LP set that is organised in such a way that its end links to its beginning, meaning that its one of the few double LPs in recent memory that you pretty much have to re-spin as soon as you get to the end of the fourth side. Same kind of real deal/communal sub-underground vibe to this as classic Village Of Spaces but with a more trance rock feel and less Manson Family Jams. Easy to see why Michael Gira picked up on this group for Swans’ The Seer set, as they build arcing emotional crescendos from endlessly repeating monolithic drone forms in a way that relates to the contemporary Swans live sound but with a mainline much deeper underground. Totally blown away by this, incredible vibe, totally original in its conception, one of the hands-down records of 2014. Strikingly packaged too. Highest possible recommendation!